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In the world of 5G communication, technology brings us closer to the internet than ever before. Televisions have also grown bigger and better. Crisp high definition picture quality, immersive sound quality that makes any room feel like a theatre, should be put to good use. How do you bring home all the new movies? Why get stuck with your annoying satellite TV transmissions when you can do so much more with your televisions? Gone are the days when you had to invest in large-capacity storage devices for downloading and watching content from the internet. The world of movie streaming has been taken by storm by sites like putlocker.


What is putlockers9 all about?

It is one of the most straightforward movie streaming sites you will ever find on the internet. This new site is all about delivering quality entertainment on the go. Wherever you are, you can watch online movies and TV shows from the com, ac, or io extension sites on your browser and enjoy unlimited access to all your favorite content. Watch them any number of times and watch them without any buffering.


Advantages of free movie streaming sites like Putlocker?

Before we tell you what the putlocker site would do for you, you should know about the benefits that online streaming


  1. Instant movies 

With a site like putlocker.com, there is no worry about waiting until the video finishes downloading. Therefore when you are in the mood to watch a movie, you can instantly have access to a vast selection of content on this site. There are no wait times or delays like other sites that want you to download first before you watch. In those websites, sometimes downloads may take just a few minutes while other times, it may take even hours depending on the file size that you download. Depending on the quality of the movie downloaded, your download times vary. This is not the case with this online streaming site. Here you can watch videos instantly. With its quick loading times, you would be able to experience a glitch-free movie watching.


  1. Variety 

Bringing a vast selection of content in one place is the most significant advantage you can get out of Putlocker. There was a time where movie steaming was not very common. Then came the segregation of sites for TV show streaming and movie streaming. With this, you might have to navigate from one site to another to access the content. Putlocker puts an end to all these hassles and delivers all types of movies and TV shows in one place. You can easily pick your favorite content in a few simple steps.


  1. No storage space needed

If you want to download a movie, you need ample storage space on your device. Bigger the files, bigger the storage space it consumes on your device. With this, you would have to continuously make space on your computer if you would like to watch more movies or TV shows. With online movie streaming sites, your movie plays directly from the browser without downloading content. Therefore even when your computer or smartphone is running low on storage space, you would still be able to watch all of your favorite movies.


  1. Cost-effective entertainment for the whole family

With access to endless and free content, you can bring down the cost of entertainment for your family in the long run. This is, therefore, a service that you can rely on if you would like to stick with quality entertainment without spending much. Besides the free content on the site, you can also enjoy VIP tools like early access to all the new movies and high-quality versions of old ones. These features make this a cost-effective choice in comparison with streaming providers like Netflix, where exclusivity prevents you from watching content that is not available there.


  1. Stream from anywhere and any device 

One of the significant reasons for which people choose free movie streaming sites is the convenience they offer. These are practical solutions to watch films. With downloaded content, you have to first transfer the corresponding file to the device like your Bluray player or TV that you would use to view. You, therefore, need storage space and provision to transfer data. All of this gets eliminated with the putlocker where you get to watch movies and TV shows from any device and at any time. All you need is a reliable internet connection plus an excellent device to watch the movies.


Alternative links


Depending on the region where you reside, you would be able to access the site from alternative links by merely changing the extension. Instead of com, you can try io or ac to load the site, and it should work without any trouble.


Putlockers9 – features 


Unlimited access to all the content on the site is one significant benefit it offers to its users.


Genre-based movie search is one of the most convenient features that users love about the site. When you do not know which movie to watch, you can shortlist the options based on the genre you love. It narrows down your search and ensures that you can pick the best ones in each category. Action, adventure, animation, mystery, thriller, romance, the genres are plenty on this site, and therefore choosing a movie becomes simple and easy.


You can also filter the content chronologically. If you are in for new movies, you can simply navigate to the latest year filter and get to watch the latest movies. It is another tool that helps you narrow down your movie choices and therefore pick something for watching at the moment. With this feature, you can also be sure that you do not miss a single movie release that year.


Other features that make the site popular are – 


Featured movies and top rated 

If you are very particular about watching only the best-rated movies, then this site further simplifies your search. Have you ever wanted to watch a movie and spent a lot of time navigating from one website to another, looking for ratings and reviews? You can forget about this and find all the information you need in one place.


  • The site offers you featured movie recommendations. Based on the ratings from critics, user preferences, and other factors, you would find the most popular movies from this category. The next time you are talking with your fellow movie buffs, you can gain an edge over them, knowing that you have watched all the movies that are considered famous by viewers around the world.


  • There is also a separate trending movies list where they bring titles new and old. These are the movies that users of the site are currently watching from all corners of the world. The movies that have been gaining momentum steadily during recent times are on this list.


  • Top rated movies section is for those who do not look at the genre or the year and simply go by the rating. If you are someone who likes to stick with quality movies that have earned the top ratings from the time of release, then this is where you should head on to. Movies from all genres are available here, segregated, and displayed in order with the highest rate movie on the top. This list is regularly updated to keep you up to date with the best-rated movies.


IMDB top charts


Movie lovers love to rely on The Internet movie database rating. As these ratings are calculated based on various factors like viewer interests, critical responses, and more, this is one of the most popular rating scales that movie buffs look at before they want to watch a movie. When you stumble upon a movie and wonder whether you should watch it, IMDB rating is something that might help you decide.


This is the reason why this streaming site brings to you the top recommendations from IMDB in one place. Both for the movies and the TV shows, you can find the top charts from IMDB without moving away from the site. Another handy feature here is the option to post your ratings. With this, you can help other users understand what the movie is about and whether it is worth watching. The movie or TV show page also takes you to the other details of the content, as the casting information. You can find all the information you need about the movie before you start streaming it. If you would like to experience a gist of the movie, then the trailer is also available in this space. Besides this, you would also find a short synopsis of the plot that gives you a hint of what the movie is about without spoilers. Equipped with all the details, you can then confidently proceed to watch the movie.


How is putlockers9 different from other streaming sites?


  • Most streaming sites come with a specific set of a database for content. You would find them adding new movies regularly, but they also take down several movies to make space. It doesn’t happen with putlocker. Whether it is a new movie you would like to watch or an old one, you would be able to pick from the endless database that this new site owns.


  • access to all the movies in the world makes it easy for you to be picky when it comes to movies. You will find on the put locker all the new movies plus several old ones.


  • You do not have to pay to start a subscription. Here you can instantly start watching movies without shelling out the big bucks. It is a site that delivers free movie streaming in real sense.


  • You can watch high-quality videos, even for the latest movies. The ability to stream in HD quality and 4K Ultra HD as with some content makes this a popular site for large screen televisions. Therefore you can enjoy some high-quality movie experience with this site.


  • VIP mode that the site offers lets you watch all your favorite content without being bothered by ads in between. It can be a huge benefit as most of the online platforms come with pesky ads in between movies. Therefore uninterrupted break free movies become a reality here. For a real movie buff, this can be a huge thing!


  • There are limits on the type of devices and platforms where you can stream content with most sites. Some ask you to download an app and choose a subscription. With this subscription, you would only be able to access movies and TV shows from a limited number of devices. It doesn’t happen with putlocker. You can watch all the movies you want and from any device at any time. There are no limits on the number of devices or restrictions based on the platform where you can watch movies.


Steps to stream movies on putlocker


Creating an account on putlockers9 is very simple and quick. Here are the steps to follow-


  • Once you click a movie you would be getting the prompt that lets you log in to your account or creates a new account


  • Email id and password are the only credentials you need to create an account with this site. The secure site ensures that your email id information is not shared.


  • The verification of the account is simple. You would just need to enter your credit card details. These details are not stored, and the site also doesn’t charge you any hidden fee. Its transparency is something that has earned several loyal users.


There is no ‘download and watch’ hassle. Therefore, you do not have to worry too much about the risks involved in downloading malicious files into your device.


So, what are you waiting for? Browse the limitless catalog that the site brings and pick from all the movies and TV shows that people everywhere are watching. Whether it is to spend some quiet time with your partner or for a movie night with friends, you are in the right place for all the right content.